CJBS EMBA 2019/21 Stash

Hello everybody! 

Hope we have chance to meet at some point.  If you would like to connect, I am on LinkedIn here.

Please read the points below, based on the questions/comments I have received and pre-empting others:

  • I am not Ryder and Amies (or any other clothing store!). I’m doing this because I know PING and we have a lot of golfers in the 2020 cohort which started this process.
  • This is bespoke teamwear. This is the choice available and it cannot be purchased anywhere else.
  • The artwork has been approved by the School. It will be embroidered.
  • I can’t cover postage!
  • All prices are in GBP. I can’t do anything other than credit card payments.
  • Receipts will be emailed and will come from MR Sport (brand name of my company).
  • Depending on how people feel this goes, I can ask around other sports suppliers for different things – football or rugby jerseys; budgie smugglers; cycling or rowing etc.
  • Women’s sizes are UK.  I have added PING’s conversion/guide to both items.
  • Men’s sizing is in cm and inches across the chest.  I have added a diagram on where to measure.


  • Please order by 1600 (UK) on Friday  4 December.
  • Select the items and sizes you want.  You can order as many things as you like.
  • PING will send me all orders once complete.  This could take two weeks.
  • I will bag up and post asap once received.  I suggest NOT paying for swift postage unless you are keen as it may take me several days to do this.
  • I will prioritise those who are not in the UK to try to get to you for Christmas.
  • You could have things posted to your college if you’re not in the UK.
  • Import taxes may be applicable in your country.