Hello everybody.

The recent round of bespoke PING apparel has closed.  If there is sufficient interest to meet the minimum number, I can place another order.

In the meantime, you might want to get yourself some Parliamentary Boat Race items, below.

Parliamentary Boat Race

The following items have been authorised for sale by the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing.

You can see the Parliamentary Boat Race and the items featured below on this page of the website.

  • These are remaining stock items and will be shipped at the time of purchase.
  • Order at any time.
  • Once items are sold, they are sold.  There will be no opportunity to buy additional items.
  • Select the items and sizes you want.  You can order as many things as you like.


    Please read the points below, based on the questions/comments I have received and pre-empting others:

    • I am not a clothing store.  You’re my colleagues and friends, I will do my best to get things to you in good order, and with good communications, but this is not my day job.
    • This is the choice available and it cannot be purchased anywhere else.
    • The artwork has been approved by the relevant bodies.  Detail is shown in all items.
    • All prices are in GBP. I can’t do anything other than credit card payments.
    • Receipts will be emailed and will come from MR Sport (brand name of my company).
    • Sizes are shown in each item.
    • I can’t cover postage!
    • I suggest NOT paying for swift postage.
    • Import taxes may be applicable in your country.