Hawks Club

The Club

Since 1872, the Hawks’ Club has represented the best sportsmen in the University of Cambridge.  Membership is by election only, and the usual criterion is that the candidate should have his Blue – ie have taken part in the match or race against Oxford in his particular sport.

Many famous sporting and celebrity names have been, or are, Members – Hugh Laurie, Rob Andrew, Mike Atherton, Chris Brasher, Ted Dexter, Gavin Hastings, Tony Lewis,   and George Nash to name just a few. For a list of hundreds of internationals in just five sports see here.

The Charitable Trust

The Club established a charitable trust in 1996 to provide grants to current Cambridge University students, male and female, whose sporting activities were being inhibited by financial constraints.  The Trust is by far the single largest charity devoted to funding sport in the University and since its creation, has provided nearly £200,000 of bursary awards to to move 1,000 sportsmen and women.

Support & Opportunity

The Trust and the Club are seeking supportive individuals and organisations to enable the Trust to continue to grow and to supply more funds to athletes at the University.

Every year, the Club hosts a number of events and activities that allow direct engagement with Hawks present and past, a good many of whom have represented their country at elite level.

With the likes of the Boat Races and Varsity Matches at the likes of Twickenham Stadium and Lord’s Cricket Ground, as well as dinners and sporting lectures, the Hawks Club provides outstanding opportunity for people to engage with some very interesting people in outstanding venues.

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