Parliamentary Rowing Group Annual Dinner

*Note: As the first Rowing Group dinner is yet to take place, pictures are from a different Parliamentary Group Dinner.  The format is identical.

The Annual Charity Dinner for the UK Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rowing takes takes place in the House of Lords Terrace marquee and is  attended by Peers and MPs, Group supporters, Stakeholders in the game, and non-Parliamentary Members of the Group.

The dinner has a guest of honour from the sport, who speaks after dinner.

There is a standard arrangement to operate within Parliamentary rules and instruction:

  • Recognition as supporter of the dinner.
  • Associate Membership.
  • An announcement on support, including a statement of thanks from Chairman and logo/link/details.
  • Subsequent press release detailing monies raised for charity.  Thanks will be provided from the Chairman or host Peer on the evening.
  • A logo/link on all subsequent public emails for a calendar year
  • A logo on the House of Lords invitation cards (which must be used by all guests), and details in accompanying letters.
  • Places (up to 3 x tables of 10) including two on the top table depending on level.  Note – the room holds a maximum of 132.
  • Branding in both the terrace marque and Cholmondeley Room (anteroom where pre-meal drinks are served).
  • Collateral on tables/chairs/take home on departure.
  • Opportunity to address the room.
  • Record details on the Group’s website as a supporter (logo/link on homepage; logo/link/details on the supporter page).
  • Logos will be placed on all Group headed paper; used for all formal correspondence.
  • Logos will be placed on all Group paper, used throughout the year for meetings.
  • All photographs from the evening will be provided (restrictions on use apply).

Recognition of the relationship lasts for a calendar year and support is recorded on Group’s public register entry.